Goal, Vision & Mission


The goal is to improve the socio-economic status of rural poor in general and poor farmers in particular of Bangladesh.


  • To promote sustainable agro-based strategies in order to improve the livelihood of rural poor peoples in general and resource poor farmersin particular.
  • To increase the rural income through improvement of:
  • Agricultural development
  • Better Veterinary service
  • Animal husbandry productivity
  • Aquaculture and fisheries management and production
  • Providing training to unemployed youth and women in particular.


  • To generate more wealth in the hands of small and poor agricultural farmers, livestock and fisheries farmers by improving their agricultural skills and capacities and by demonstrating ways in which they can better manage their available resources.
  • To bring about changes in the lives of the poor agriculture-based peoples, farmers (small, marginal and landless), poultry and dairy farm owners and fishermen through their sustainable livelihood development and improvement of life style.
  • We will meet our mission and vision through partnership with-
  • Government
  • Educational / Research institutes
  • Other NGS’s
  • Corporates
  • Philanthropists


“Transforming Rural Bangladesh” based on “hand-up” and “pass-on” policy.


  • Motivation of poor peoples and farmers for improvement theirlivelihood.
  • Total commitment and devotion for hard work for rural peoples.