Livestock Development Program (LDP):

The Foundation will work predominantly with rural women, unemployed peoples and poor /landless farmers to change their livelihood through enhancing rural family income. Our LDP provides the following services/trainings to help the target beneficiaries.



  • Community based animals/poultry diseases treatment program
  • Advice farmers and treat animal/poultry over mobile call
  • Mobile artificial insemination services
  • Deworming and vaccination program.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis


  • Beef cattle fattening program
  • Para-vet basic training in common animal/poultry problems
  • Management practice of dairy animal health
  • Management practice of Goat rearing
  • Management practice of indigenous chickens, broiler and layer farming

Future plan:

  • Village information centre
  • Upgrade cattle stock to get high yielding cows
  • Fodder nutrition development