Fisheries Development Program (FDP):

The aim of FDP is to develop inland fisheries of Bangladesh, for alleviation of poverty and to create a sustainable source of nutritious food and protein security in densely-populated rural areas of Bangladesh.



  • Technical assistance and advice over mobile call
  • Water quality test in pond for better fish production
  • Fish health monitoring and disease management
  • Free fry and fingerling supply to poor fishermen
  • Ranching program in open water to restock the indigenous fish
  • Encourage rural and coastal peoples to aqua ponics
  • Reclaiming derelict pond for aquaculture
  • Introduce modern fish farming system and marketing


  • Good aquaculture practice (GAP)
  • Hatchery operation
  • Production of aquarium fish and marketing
  • Brood management
  • Open water fisheries management
  • Case culture operation
  • Carp and cat fish culture