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Welcome to an open access peer reviewed online and print version journal webpage ( Following are the terms and conditions that govern your use of this website.The journal website is operated and published by AgroAid Foundation ( The ISSN (online and print) for “Research in Agriculture, Livestock and Livestock” (RALF) is registered with the name of a Managing Editor of this journal, who is considered as owner of this journal as and when required. The journal is a scientific official journal and published by AgroAid Foundation Publishing House. This journal is not published under any typical scientific society or association but the members of total editorial board are highly potential and established academicians/scientist in their own field.

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The website visitors, editorial board members and authors should note the following terms and conditions before going through this website in details. Please note that, if required, amendments to the terms and conditions can be made without prior notice and the visitor must update himself or herself with our Terms and Conditions before going through our website. Going through our website will mean that you fully agree to the terms and conditions laid down by the AgroAid Foundation or Its published Journal RALF which are as follows:

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  • This journal is always directed by the enthusiastic motivation of the Managing Editor and management of AgroAid Foundation.
  • The Editor-in-chief and Managing Editor, and the management of AgroAid Foundation perform administration, relevant activities and furnish all publications and website development.
  • The role of members of the editorial board is limited to article review and editorial decision, recommend quality articles, help to increase citation and contribute in indexing and impact factor issues.
  • The service of Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Section Editor, Managing Editor, Editorial Board Member and respected Advisory Members are varies according to their capability and time for us.
  • All the positions of advisory/editorial/reviewer board members are purely voluntary and temporary and no board member will claim for the permanent position in the board ofJournal-RALF.
  • For the quality enhancement, contributions of board members will be evaluated every year before continuing their membership for the subsequent year.
  • As the Journalcome under non-profit organization, so no remuneration could be given to any of the board members. All position are solely voluntary and temporary.
  • Board members are expected to agree and follow all the terms and conditions given in our Instructions for Reviewers webpage while reviewing any article.
  • All the papers submitted by our board members will undergo the same process of evaluation applicable to any other author of the Journal.
  • Board members will have to actively contribute in successive quality enhancement and campaigning of the Journal. Critical suggestions for the same are always welcome.
  • Board members/Reviewers ofJournals must preserve the confidentiality of the unpublished works. Neither the Journals management nor editorial members will disclose the identity of the reviewer to the author. Even if it happens by mistake, neither the reviewer nor the author will try to make any false remarks at each other. The decision of the Editorial Office (Editor-in-chief and Managing editor) will be final in this case and must be acceptable to both the parties.
  • When lack of commitment and or abuse arises from any position of the managerial team / board members, then he or she will be warned about it from owner of this journal. If lack of commitment and or abuse of any form continue, he or she will be removed from assigned service by the owner of RALF Journal.  No rights could be claimed before or after related to this journal once any one dismissed or removal from service with or without adequate reasoning to each party.

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