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Article Preparation

Research in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Instruction for Manuscript preparation

We thank you for visiting this manuscript preparing instruction page.

Author’s general guidelines are given below for the preparation of article. It is mandatory to follow the author’s instruction before submitting the article to the RALF.

General guidelines 

  • All materials must be written in proper and clear English.
  • Manuscript must be double-spaced throughout.
  • Type written using 12 font size Times New Roman on A4 paper MS WORD format.
  • The page number and line number must be assigned throughout the manuscript continuously from the title page.
  • One of the manuscript author(s) should be corresponding author, who takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review.
  • Superscript numbers (1) should be used to link author with institution and an asterisk (*) to refer to the corresponding author.
  • The abbreviations and acronyms should be defined the first time they used in the manuscript.
  • Do not use abbreviations in the title until and unless they are unavoidable.
  • Use the standard mathematical notation for formulae/symbols.
  • Genus and species names should be in italics.
  • Internationally accepted (SI) signs and symbols should be used for units.
  • It is advised to refer the latest issue of the journal for the format of manuscript preparation.
  • The cover letter, title page and manuscript, checklist, copyright assignment should be included during manuscript submission.

Cover Letter : Download

Title and Authorship Page: The following information should be included:

  • Type of article : Original/Review/Short communication / Case Report etc
  • Categoryof article : Agriculture/Livestock/Fisheries.
  • Paper title
  • Authors full names and present affiliations
  • Corresponding author: Ensure his / her address, e-mail, phone and fax.
  • Running title (brief and clear)

Main Manuscript structure: The manuscript should be in the following sequence:

  • Abstract and keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Competing interest
  • Acknowledgement
  • Tables with title
  • Figure with legends
  • References

Abstract and Keywords

  • The abstract must be concise and informative providing the aims of the work, principal results and conclusion.
  • An abstract of no more than 250 words (original article) or 100 words for short communication and case report.
  • At the end of the abstract, key words (max. 6 words or less) related to the manuscript work must be provided for indexing purposes.


  • This section should be succinct, with no subheadings.
  • Should have supported previous works with clear statement of the problem.
  • It should not contain either authors result.

Materials and Method

  • This section must be clear and sufficient with experimental details to reproduce the works by other researchers.
  • Previously published procedures or methods should be cited without any detailed descriptions.
  • New procedures and techniques should be described in details.
  • Instruments and reagents information should be specified.
  • The source from which the sample has been obtained should be mentioned.


  • Results should be concise and clear
  • Should have textual description of the data presented in tables and figures/charts.
  • Repetition of the same data in different forms should be avoided.


  • The data should be interpreted concisely without repeating material already presented in the results section.
  • It should be considered the results in relation to any hypotheses advanced in the introduction.

Note: Results and Discussion section may each be divided by subheadings or may be



  • This should clearly explain the main conclusions of the work highlighting its importance and relevance including any practical applications.

Competing interest

  • The authors declare that they have no competing interests (You may write the conflict of interest like this.


  • All acknowledgments (if any) should be included at the very end of the paper before the references.
  • It may include information supporting grants, personnel involve, and so forth.


  • Only published or in press articles should be cited in the reference list.
  • Unpublished observations, proceedings, abstracts, websites, and personal communications are not listed as references.
  • All listed references must be cited in the text.
  • Arrange the references in alphabetical order by the first author’s surname.
  • The citation of references in text up to two author(s) should be surname followed by year of publication (Islam, 2010 or Islam and Hossain, 2013).
  • The citation of references in text more than two author(s) should be Surname of first author followed by et al., and year of publication (Islam et al., 2013).
  • In case, an author cited has more than one publication during the same year should be identified by a lower case letter (like a, b, c), both in the text and reference list to distinguish the works (Hossain et al., 2012a; 2012b).
  • The number of references does not exceed 40 in original article and 15 in short communications and case reports.
  • Journal titles should be full in name.
  • Author(s) should check the references in text and reference list carefully to avoid delay in peer review and publication before submission of article for the accuracy.


  • Number all the table(s) in the order of their citation in the manuscript.
  • Include a title for each table.
  • Tables put after reference section.
  • The vertical lines or rules should be avoided in the tables.

Figures and Graphics

  • Each figure entry must have a reference in the text.
  • This section should be presented after the end of tables.
  • Each figure should be presented on separate pages.
  • The figures should have high resolutions (at least 300 dpi) with clarity.
  • Figures must be prepared using applications that generate high resolutions TIFF or JPEG format before using them in the MS word manuscript.
  • Should haveconcise and self-explanatory legends
  • Number all the figures (graphs, charts, photographs, and illustrations) in the order of their citation in the text.

Abbreviations, Units, etc.

  • Authors should follow internationally agreed conventions while abbreviating various terms.
  • Symbols, letters and abbreviations if used in the figures should be defined in the legend.

Example of reference style:


Journal Articles:

  • Islam MA, 2014. Zoonoses in Bangladesh: The role of Veterinarian in public health, Bangladesh journal of Veterinary Medicine, 12: 93-98.

  • Quadir QF and A Rahman, 2014. Sorption kinetics of isoproturon and assessment of its ecotoxicity on Lemna minor. Research in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, 1: 13-18.

  • Tripura TK, SC Sarker, SK Roy, MS Parvin, RR Sarker, AKMA Rahman and MT Islam, 2014. Prevalence of subclinical mastitis in lactating cows and efficacy of intramammary infusion therapy. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 12: 55-61.


  • Samad MA, 2005. Poultry Science and Medicine, LEP Publication, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Chapters in Book:

  • Leach J, 1993. Impacts of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) on water quality and fish spawning reefs of Western Lake Erie. In Zebra mussels: biology, impacts and control, Eds., Nalepa, T. and D. Schloesser. Ann Arbor, MI: Lewis Publishers, pp: 381-397.

Submission Check list : Download

Copyright Assignment : Download

Further Information

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